The advantages of joining a gym

When looking to get fit we all at some point think whether we should or should not join a gym in order to enhance our regime.

So what are the benefits and the drawbacks of joining your local health club and gym?

Exercising safely

It is important to remember the fundamentals of both exercising and doing it properly and a gymcan certainly aid in doing that. At times you may find that you are not doing specific exercises properly and are putting yourself in danger of picking up an injury due to you not having the proper supervision or facilities.
At a gym you are paying for security in your facilities as well as professional help that can point you in the right direction to get exactly what you want out of your exercise.


Unless you have the money to purchase all the top of the range gym equipment, you may be limited to a few weights or what is around you as you equipment. At a gymyou get the best equipment that is tailor made to getting the most out of your work out and consistently push your boundaries as you improve in fitness.
You also have a wide variety of these facilities meaning if you have something specific you want to work on at that particular time, you can accomplish this.

Social Experience

The gym offers something that you cannot get from exercising at home and that is the social experience of going to your local gym. When you meet like minded members who strive to reach the peak of their fitness you can be inspired and spur you on further. Furthermore you can make new friends with the people you see day in and out at your local gym who could in the future help you when you visit the gym.

Personal Trainers

A Personal trainer may seem as a costly investment but at many gyms you can get a lot of expert advice at little expense and sometimes even free.
Many gyms offer training schemes that can optimise your training performance as well as get the most out of your visits to the gym.
Sometimes that little bit of motivation here and there can help leaps and bounds when it comes to pushing yourself up to the limit. Your personal trainer can also ensure the complete package when it comes to your training schedule by organising your diet and eating habits so you can maximise your fitness.


Cost has always been thought as an issue when it comes to getting a gym membership; however this is something that is improving as gyms become more cost effective.
When you think of the state of the art equipment and facilities as well as the expert advice, you could be well on your way to getting your dream body in a much shorter time compared to if you went it alone.
So if you want to whip yourself into shape then definitely consider a gym membership as well as your own workouts as it can make a lot of difference.

Glenn Tucker
Esporta Health Club and Gym

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Esporta health club and Gym – Whether you are looking to get fit and lose weight in the gym, relax and unwind with your family, treat yourself to a Spa Day or meet and socialise with like minded people then Esporta have the facilities to match.


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